Left EyeRight EyeMouf

"Avert Eyes Meant..."

    This was another example of people liking one tiny portion of my work, and thinking the rest is crap.  This project had two requirements:  at least three pieces fitting together, and the use of the tracing paper function of Painter 4.  The images had to be traced from pictures out of a magazine.  Mine was a Newsweek.  The two eyes were from a picture of the nine year old rebel leaders in Indonesia or wherever, the mouth is from a group photo of Vince McMahon, Chyna, and The Rock (guess who's mouth...).  The hands were from the mosh pit that presidential hopeful Alan Keyes jumped into.
    They liked the mouth.  That was pretty much it.  The elements didn't fit together the way they wanted.  The background of the hands looked like it was from the Easter Bunny.  I should have matted the papers differently.  Bollocks to it all, you be the judge.  Click on the stuff above to zoom in.