This was officially my first advertising banner for a client!  They liked it so much they made me do it over.  I used Adobe ImageReady, something most folks at that office wouldn't TOUCH.  Suits me, they can have their ColdFusion, and FrontPage, and DreamWeaver, and all those other two-word JammedTogether titles.  Basically I saw the company as a kind of vague concept.  They didn't have a real image on any of their radio spots, print ads, or company freebies.  They did however have a pretty cool logo, so I made it into a sort of mascot.  I called him "Marlie the Marlin," and got him into all sorts of mischief in the banner ads.
    In my later dealings with the company, I noticed some wrong turns in store.  What company image they have is being slowly dilluted in favor of the parent company that bought them out.  They have home users, broadband users, business users, and major corporate clients, each getting a different mixed message from the company.  Unfortunately, they would suffer from the same "tech speak" vagueness that other hosts regurgitate if they were to try and unify their message.  See how unique your business would sound if your slogan went "We're your personal solution expert at solving all your business' solution needs for the solution to your business' online solutiatory requirements, dude!"