"Ghosts of Yesterday"

    This assignment required two or more digital images to be combined into one project, forming a collage.  My original idea involved pasting a few skyscrapers into an aerial view of Panama City, dropping fake shadows from them all leading to a point in the sky that would imply a black hole.  Because that concept required more effort than any Computer Imaging 1 student should have to expend, I combined the photos displayed above.
    Seen right-to-left (in color) are my mom, our friend Bill, and my mom's high school friend Lora.  Seen adjacent to the individuals (in grayscale) are photos from their yearbook (in Bill's lap).  Mom and Lora have kept in touch since graduating, but we didn't run into Bill until 1995 or so.  Neither of the ladies had met him back in high school.  Talk about surprise.
    All four photos were scanned with an HP Scanjet, and assembled in Corel PhotoPaint 8.  A point just to the right of the bottom rung of the ladder was where the original photo ended.  Everything horizontally past that point was added digitally using a clone brush (or "rubber stamp").