"Makeup your Mind"

    I can't really make a lot of comments about this one pending litigation.  Just kidding.  This was another example of how your fellow art students will support your beautiful original ideas, despite their own personal tastes, or those of the teacher.  The "Van Gogh" background was done in Painter 4, the mask was done with Illustrator.  I used the aspect ratio my advertising teacher gave us for a billboard assignment, because I love working in wide-screen.
    They didn't like the background, they didn't like the foreground.  They said the foreground colors didn't share any colors with the background (when has THAT ever been a rule??).  They said the mask was too rigid and didn't blend in with the other elements (it was supposed to stand out, that was the friggin' idea!).  Of course, I didn't do any test-prints when I put it on display, so the water immediately turned pastel pink, they weren't too keen on that either.  On the above image, Macintoshes can pick up the detail in the woman's ponytail and sleeveless shirt, PC's don't.  The problem was I went into the presentation of this work with total optimism.  I should have convinced myself it was crap from the getgo, and disappointment would not have followed.  Oh what a fool am I.