I now pronounce you...Holly and David get pronounced. Sorry, didn't get a shot of them kissing. Well, not at this point anyway.
Holly and David with the guy and the certificateAnd here's the proof of the whole thing. The man in the center performed the ceremony. I don't know his title or name, unfortunately.
Gramma and HollyHolly talking to Gramma just afterwards.
Photographer, Nancy, Holly, and DavidHere we see our photographer cleverly placing the bouquet right over some tacky plastic forks that somebody lined up in front of the cake. Who needed them anyway??
The big man with the big knifeHolly, David, and knife take 1.
Holly and David photo-opHolly, David, and knife take 2.
Actually cutting the cakeAction!!!
They have to kiss after everythingNo I didn't mean "Action"...
Serving of the cakeNance, Holly, and David prepare to serve cake.
More cake servingMore cake.
When do I get my champagneMe and Aunt Shari await the cake.
Nance opening the ciderNancy opens the sparkling apple cider for those of us who can't drink for some reason or another.
Start the drinking earlySort of a preliminary toast.
Ben gets lewdHere they have the nerve to put me on the spot and tell me to make a speech.
Ben gets crudeWell I guess it turned out OK.
We all get stewedI mean geez, they took enough photos of it.
Smile darn yaThere's that niece of David's that wouldn't smile earlier. Ha ha!
David and Holly under the sea.And to top things off, we all went deep sea diving afterwards.
First comes...wait a sec