Aunt Penny and DadThis is how the wedding began, basically everybody showing up, unloading vehicles, and talking to one another. Holly's dad, Frank Pratt, is shown talking with his sister, Penny Barham. She and her husband Clay live up in North Carolina, and we don't get to see them often enough.
Dad and Aunt Penny
David CrossHere we see the groom, David Cross, for the first time. Odd looking fellow isn't he? (Just kidding) He met Holly earlier this year on her twenty-first birthday. Quite a present, eh?
David and Holly's DadHere, David and his one-hour-in-the-future father-in-law pose for a couple of photos.
Uncle Clay, David, Me, DadHere we see the four guys: Uncle Clay, David, me, and Dad. Guess which one knows he's going to hit the champagne as early as possible...
Clay, David, DadUncle Clay (Penny's husband), David, and Dad again.
Aunt Nancy Arranges ForksAunt Nancy (Mom's sister) meticulously arranges the plastic forks on the table, knowing they will stay in their neat rows and columns until the cake is served. More on this later.
Aunt Shari and GrammaAunt Shari (Mom's other sister), and her mom, sitting peacefully.
Aunt Nancy and Aunt ShariNance and Shari, who seems to have heard something...
Just MeSome schmoe that showed up for free champagne.
Kira and Her NieceDavid's sister Kira and her niece.
One of David's NephewsDavid's nephew
Dad and ClayDad and Uncle Clay discuss something deep in the gradiated light.
David and NancyThe pinning of the flowers has begun.
Nancy and David
Nancy and MomNance pins Mom's flower on her shirt.
Gramma and NancyGramma and Nance
Lighting CandlesAn attendant lights the candles
Dad Walks HollyAha! It's time!!!