Bouncing back again


Welcome to Ben's page of awesome audio. Feel free to grab, modify, and share with others. Just don't make a profit.

Answering Machines

Cyborg takes over the machine.

Black Sabbath

These are a bunch of main riffs I played on my sister's acoustic guitar. If you were wondering why there's never been a Black Sabbath Unplugged show...

RealAudio MP3 Black Sabbath
RealAudio MP3 Sleeping Village
RealAudio MP3 Paranoid
RealAudio MP3 Iron Man
RealAudio MP3 Sweet Leaf
RealAudio MP3 Children of the Grave
RealAudio MP3 Snowblind
RealAudio MP3 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
RealAudio MP3 Spiral Architect
RealAudio MP3 Symptom of the Universe
RealAudio MP3 Children of the Sea
RealAudio MP3 Heaven and Hell
RealAudio MP3 Sign of the Southern Cross

Please note, certain files will be short-stopped by Tripod before you can download them. Free service is a bitch sometimes.

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